Hi,my name is Robert.

Iam an full time spanish miniature painter.

For almost all those that visit my page, I started in this from which finally many will consider Freak world: comics, rolegames, Fantasy-science fiction books and boardgames.I started playing and the next step was painting miniatures as a hobby, until a day I said to myself that I could do something more , that was at beginnings of 2003 and here I am now, with a pile of friends and a pile of miniature painted ( +1700 miniatures painted).

I painted lots of miniatures for Warhammer players,some of them won some tittles like “best painted army”,other just for collection,and also I started to paint only to sell on ebay.

Now I am also offering my painting miniature service.

All the miniatures you can see are brush painted (for the moment, in the future I will try the airbrush)

And yes I know, have to improve my photography skill,still trying to take some fair pictures of the miniatures,without losing many shadows and highlights like the pictures are taken.

Now I redesigned my page, so now it is responsive and movil friendly. But in the process I removed around 900 post (from 2014 to 2010), and still there are around 1200 :).

You can see if you wish some older miniatures on one post of July 2014 and at the gallery page “old work”