Many people come to my website, and after seeing so many painted miniatures in my galleries they begin to wonder if it would be possible to place a commission .

Has any miniature caught your attention that you would like to see painted? 

Your stack of 3D prints keeps growing and it hurts to see them all unpainted.

When looking at a miniature, do you wonder how it would look with the color scheme that is going through your mind?

If in any question it is a resounding YES, check the FAQ below and you will have answers :)

“How it works”2020-12-25T11:50:36+02:00
“What covers my Work”2020-12-25T11:41:44+02:00
What commissions works are you able to take?2020-12-25T11:43:34+02:00
“Levels of painting & Prices” & “Scheduling a Project”2023-02-28T11:02:18+02:00

If you have another question that is not answered here please do not hesitate and contact me.
Prompt communication is very important. You are welcome to initiate contact, please do not feel like you are bothering me. You are the client and I am always ready to tend to any question you may have.

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