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I offer miniatures painted to a high standard, suitable for gamers, roleplayers and collectors alike and pride myself on a reliable and professional service. Backed up with many years of experience.

To see examples of my work, please use the Blog section of this website, you can find here examples between other miniature from Reaper,Darksword,Foundry,Freebooter,Rn Studio, Scale75,….

All miniatures are meticulously hand painted using Vallejo , Reaper Master Series paints and Scale75 paints. Finally they are finished with two coats of Vallejo mat varnish.

Latest miniatures painted

  • Rose- Female Fighter

Rn Studio Rose- Female Fighter

  • Elaina-Female Elf Archer

Elaina-Female Elf Archer

  • Sunny- Female Mage Apprentice

Sunny- Female Mage Apprentice

  • Nadia- Female Fighter

Nadia- Female Fighter

  • Jasmin -Female Rogue-Ranger

Jasmin -Female Rogue-Ranger

and 2100 miniatues more