igh quality Miniature painting service.

I offer miniatures painted to a high standard, suitable for gamers, roleplayers and collectors alike and pride myself on a reliable and professional service. Backed up with many years of experience.(now around 20)

To see examples of my work, please use the Blog section of this website to see all the painted miniatures or the gallery page to see specific miniatures from just one company.

You can find here examples between other miniatures from Reaper,Darksword,Foundry,Freebooter,Rn Studio, Scale75,Mom miniatures,Gameboard games,Artisan Guild…..lately almost all 3D printed miniatures

All miniatures are meticulously hand painted using Vallejo , Reaper Master Series paints and Scale75 paints. Finally they are finished with two coats of Vallejo mat varnish.


About Me

Hi,my name is Robert.

I am an full time spanish miniature painter.

For almost all those that visit my page, I started in this from which finally many will consider Freak world: comics, rolegames, Fantasy-science fiction books and boardgames.I started playing and the next step was painting miniatures as a hobby, until a day I said to myself that I could do something more , that was at beginnings of 2003 and here I am now, with a pile of friends and a pile of miniature painted ( +1700 miniatures painted).

I painted lots of miniatures for Warhammer players,some of them won some tittles like “best painted army”,other just for collection,and also I started to paint only to sell on ebay.

Now I am also offering my painting miniature service and online shop

All the miniatures you can see are brush hand painted


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